Liturgy Committee

The Spiritual Growth and Liturgy Committee is the organ of the council through which the parish participates in the celebrating ministry of Jesus Christ.

The purpose of the committee is to nourish and give direction to the liturgical and worship elements of the parish and to the parish's effort at assisting in the spiritual growth and development of its members. It is in liturgy that we celebrate who we are and what we believe as a Christian community. This celebration must lead into life that is lived. The parish must strive to live as a community which is the Body of Christ -- the sign of His presence in the world. The importance of the work of the Spiritual Growth and Liturgy Committee should be understood in this light.

Resources for Liturgical Participants

Download rosters and directions for Extra Ordinary Ministers of Holy Communion, lectors, ushers and servers.

Lector Resources

Lector Readings Web Site

Bible Word Pronunciation Guide

Extra Ordinary Ministers of Holy Communion

Directions of Ministry


Directions of Ministry


Directions of Ministry

All guidelines/rosters in PDF format