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Bible Study

HFP Bible study provides participants the opportunity to learn more about God's word so that we can live out its message more fully. Holy Family Parish Bible Study

Sponsor Couples

Building & Grounds

Music Ministry

Parish Council

Jesus, strive to live out His mission and share this mission with others. The parish council forms with the pastor a leadership group of the parish that is broadly representative of parish membership. It is an energizing, coordinating and unifying organism of parish life that enables the individual members of the parish to have access to the processes that guide and support the various aspects of parish life. As such, all other parish groups or bodies should relate to the parish council through one or another of the council committees (e.g., Board of Education, Rosary Society, etc.). More information...

Finance Council

The members of the Finance Council work in communion with the pastor/pastoral administrator and the Pastoral Council of the parish to accomplish the mission of the Church as articulated in the parish mission statement. Finance Council


The Spiritual Growth and Liturgy Committee is the organ of the council through which the parish participates in the celebrating ministry of Jesus Christ. Liturgy Committee

Parish Life Committee

The Parish Community Life Committee is the organ of the council through which the parish participates in the ministry of Jesus Christ of building Christian community.

The Parish Community Life Committee encompasses all the programs and activities of a parish that strengthens Christian community. The committee fosters a sense of belonging among the members of the parish. Its scope of activity would include all those parish events that foster the community life of the parish. Another purpose of this committee is to strengthen family life within the parish community.

Social Concerns Committee

The Social Concerns Committee is the organ of the council through which the parish participates in the servant ministry of Jesus Christ. Jesus not only preached the nearness of God's reign, but also enacted the works of God by which people could experience that loving presence of God's reign. We continue His mission, His work and His service toward others, living out the Gospel imperative. The Social Concerns Committee exists to bridge the gap between that Gospel reality and the lived world of our society. It is the purpose of this committee to promote and coordinate programs that will guarantee justice and charity in full measure to all God's children in the worldwide community. This committee has the responsibility for enabling members of the parish to respond to the social problems of today, giving special care to the poor, the lonely, the aged, the oppressed, and minority groups.


Each fall we begin the RCIA (Rite of Christian Initiation of Adults) process at our parish. This is the program by which we prepare people to receive the sacraments of Baptism, Eucharist, and Confirmation in the Catholic church. Some of those participating are Catholics who didn’t receive their First Communion or Confirmation. Others are members of other Christian churches who would like to become Catholic. There are also some who were never baptized and want to receive all three sacraments of initiation.

We meet about three times each month until Easter. We come together to pray, to learn about and share aspects of the Catholic faith, and to socialize. People of various ages participate in these sessions facilitated by myself and parishioners. Spouses are welcome to come along as well to offer support. At the end of this process we celebrate the various sacraments at the Easter vigil. It’s a powerful event. Certainly individuals can opt out of the program before then at any time.

Knights of Columbus

Our local council at Holy Family Parish was established in 2003 and currently has 40 members. Knights of Columbus

Altar Society

Meals on Wheels

Our parishioners assist with the delivery of meals to homebound residents in Grundy Center and Parkersburg.  To assist or to learn more details, contact the parish office.

Interfaith Visitation

Five churches in the Grundy Center area visit the patients and residents at the Grundy Care Center and the Grundy County Hospital long term care unit through out the year.  If you would like to partake in this ministry, contact the parish office.

Ecumenical Ministry

Our parish participates in ecumenical ministries with other churches in Dike, Grundy Center, Parkersburg and Reinbeck. Activities vary locally.  To learn more about this important ministry and how you can assist, please contact the parish office.


We are a group of mothers who meet once a month and use variety of texts to deepen our faith, learn about ourselves and our relationship with God, and how to ensure that faith and religion is at the center of our daily lives. More...

Prayer Chain

Our parish provides spiritual outreach to others through our Prayer Chain ministry.  Contact the parish office when a spiritual need arises - perhaps surgery, an illness, a death, or another concern.  The secretary will then alert several people in the community to pray for your intention.  The intention will be mentioned in a generic manner so that privacy can be maintained.  Prayer intentions may also be included in the Book of Prayers located at each church.  We pray for these concerns at each Mass.  Also let us know if you would like to be a member of the Prayer Chain.  You would receive a call to pray for an intention and then call the next person on the chain and ask for prayers.


If you need a ride to Mass, please contact the parish office or one of the following:

   - Mary McIntyre 788-2827
   - Max/Rosanne Girres 824-6420
   - Joe/Connie Becker 989-2405



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